Blood Safety

Since our founding in 1964, NYBC has worked diligently to maintain a safe, reliable, high quality blood supply:

  • We are committed to the recruitment of dedicated volunteer blood donors.
  • We screen every pint of blood collected for markers of transfusion-transmissible diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HTLV-1/2, syphilis, West Nile Virus, and T. Cruzi, the cause of Chagas Disease) using serological as well as molecular (Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing) methods. Products that test positive for any of these markers are not released for transfusion.
  • We perform additional tests on donors whose screening results are positive to provide these individuals with medical information and their eligibility for future blood donations. Some donors whose donation tests positive even once may be permanently deferred from donating. 
  • NYBC scientists are pioneers in the field of virus inactivation. They have developed a solvent/detergent process to eliminate dangerous viruses from plasma and plasma products, such as the clotting factor used by hemophiliacs.
  • NYBC developed procedures that have improved blood safety around the world. Only 30 years ago, blood transfusions routinely transmitted the Hepatitis B virus, causing potentially lethal liver infections. This finding led to a practical test to screen blood for Hepatitis B.