Need for African American and Latino/Hispanic Blood Donors

Did you know?

  • There is a greater prevalence of type O blood in African American and Hispanic/Latino populations. Blood donations from African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos can treat a broader cross-section of patients than can blood donations from Caucasians.
  • The Hispanic/Latino population is increasing at a rate three times the national average for all other ethnic groups. Recruiting new and retaining current Hispanic blood donors is important to maintain the overall volume of blood in the U.S. system.
  • Certain African American and Hispanic/Latino patients, including those who have rare blood types or medical conditions necessitating multiple blood transfusions, like sickle cell disease, require very closely matched blood products.
  • These blood products many times can only be found in donors with the same racial or ethnic heritage.
  • Voluntary blood donation builds social capital – the network of social ties and moral obligation that is vital to our country’s economic well-being and to the health of its civil society.