How to Join

Joining the Be The Match Registry is simple! 

  • If you are in good general health and between the ages of 18 and 44, please click the Be The Match® link, where you’ll be asked to: 
    • Review the health and medical guidelines
    • Complete an online registration form
      • It is important to provide as much information about yourself as possible (date of birth, contact information for yourself and a trusted family mem-ber we can contact in case you move)
      • Please make sure you select the option to text you: we will send you a one-time text asking you to confirm your commitment; otherwise we will not send you texts unless you are identified as a possi-ble match
    • Arrange for a swab kit to be sent to you 
  • Once you receive the kit, swab your check (please see the in-structional video) and send the kit to Be The Match® in the envelope provided.

More Information

Use the form below to ask us any questions about joining, donating, hosting a drive, or other ways of getting involved: