Your Commitment

My Life-Saving Pledge

As a member of the Be The Match Registry I commit to:

  • Being willing to donate to ANY patient in need

  • Responding quickly, if called

  • Giving a blood sample for further testing

  • Making a time commitment to attend appointments and donate

  • Keeping my Be The Match® contact information up to date

  • Sharing my decision with friends and family so I have their support if called to donate

  • Being listed on the registry until I’m 61 unless I inform Be The Match® that I am no longer will or able to donate 

I understand: 

  • The cheek swab or blood sample I gave when I joined was only used to add me to the registry. It may require further testing. It is not a do-nation to a patient.
  • A request for further testing or a donation can come at any time and it is a matter of urgent medical need
  • I will need to become familiar with the two donation procedures, in-cluding their risks
  • If I’m asked to donate blood stem cells, I will receive injections of a medication to increase their number in my bloodstream
  • If I’m asked to donate bone marrow, anesthesia will be used.

Our Commitment to You 

We commit to: 

  • Educating you thoroughly on the donation process before asking you to commit to donating
  • Fully assessing your medical health to ensure your safety
  • Providing insurance coverage for every step of the donation
  • Working with you to minimize the disruption to your work and personal life
  • Following up with you after the donation to ensure your full recovery
  • Sharing with you information as much as possible about the recipient’s status 

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