Group Donation Program

When you give blood together you’ll have a shaRED experience, and your life shaRED with another.

shaRED brings groups, teams, organizations, businesses, families and communities together to save lives as one.

Donating blood together:

  • Increases team morale
  • Raises spirits
  • Provides a sense of pride
  • Encourages friendly competition

Support from big and small group donations make the meaningful difference to the blood supply in order to meet patient needs and hospital demand.

What shaRED does for your group or organization

When you commit to this life-saving cause, you are letting your community know you care.

Social Responsibility

shaRED is a life-saving social responsibility program that meets the needs of organizations and companies who want to promote positive actions and outcomes. shaRED offers the opportunity to promote your groups’ life-saving achievements to customers, consumers, clients and media, and demonstrates their commitment to a social responsibility.

We are here for you

In person support

  • You will have a dedicated Blood Center representative to help schedule appointments and keep track of the lives you save.

Online support

  • Access to an online portal to facilitate your groups’ donations and appointments.


  • Access to posters and collateral needed to help promote shaRED to your team.


  • We’ll let you know how many lives your group has saved and provide you with a tally at the end of every calendar year.

How to donate as a group

Whether you have 2 or 200 in your group – we have an option for you.

Host a blood drive

  • If you have over 40 donors, you can host a blood drive to save lives. If you have the space, we have the resources to set up a blood drive.
  • This may be a private drive exclusively for your group, or you may wish to coordinate a community blood drive to allow others to attend. If you coordinate a community drive, we can keep track of your donors and their donations will count towards the number of lives saved by your group.

Donate together in a donor center or host a community blood drive

  • If you are unable to host a blood drive, no matter the size of your group, we can help coordinate your appointments in one of our 19 donor centers or at a community blood drive. Whether you donate all together or individually, every donation will count towards the number of lives saved by your group.
  • You may make your own appointments online, or if you have a larger group who want to give together, call or email us and we’ll make the appointments for you.

Donor Center Takeover

  • If you have over 40 donors, we can work with you to take over a donor center for a day.

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