Employee Art Show

Submission Form


Art Show Waiver

Thank you for participating in New York Blood Center’s Fall Art Exhibition. NYBC will take all reasonable precautions for the safe keeping of your Artwork while it is in our custody for the duration of the Exhibition.

You acknowledge and understand the risk involved by allowing your Artwork to be displayed by New York Blood Center at 310 E. 67th Street, New York, NY, 10065.  You understand that New York Blood Center does not insure the Artwork (including, without limitation, any art or other items on display as part of the Exhibition). The term of the Exhibition begins when the Artwork is delivered to NYBC, and shall run through the agreed upon Exhibition end date, plus a period of no longer than seven business days for the Artwork to be reclaimed by you. NYBC has the right, in its sole discretion, to remove or to relocate your Artwork, upon notice to you. You agree that you will have a period of seven business days to remove your Artwork from NYBC if either NYBC or you chooses to terminate participation in the Exhibition before the agreed upon Exhibition end date. By signing this waiver, you agree to waive any personal injury or property damage claim, now or in the future, that you may suffer as a result of the Exhibition. You represent and warrant that you have read this waiver in its entirety, fully understand its contents, and have signed it voluntarily.