Areas of Research

LFKRI Continues at the Forefront of Blood Disease Research

As one of the preeminent research institutes devoted to blood disease research, LFKRI’s pioneering investigators have a remarkable depth of experience and expertise in their fields and their research programs are supported with funding from federal, state and industrial sources.

Transfusion Medicine

Developing new molecular approaches and tools to advance safer transfusions

  • Eric Senaldi - Clinical Transfusion-apheresis and platelet transfusions
  • Connie Westhoff - Immunohematology and Genomics-blood group biology and novel diagnostic products
  • Karina Yazdanbakhsh - Transfusion Immunology and Platelet Autoimmunity-sickle cell alloimmunization , immune cytopenias

Cell Therapy

Defining the utility of stem cells in transplantation and regenerative medicine


Elucidating molecular and cellular basis of hematological disorders

  • Mohandas Narla - Experimental Hematology-red blood cell physiology and production
  • Xiuli An - Molecular Hematology-erythropoiesis and red cell disorders
  • Bruce Sachais - Translational Hematology-Pathobiology of platelets and platelet molecules
  • Patricia Shi - Clinical Hematology- gene therapy and novel therapeutics for Sickle Cell Disease
  • Francesca Vinchi- Iron biology- Iron overload disorders and iron deficiency anemia
  • Hui Zhong Immunomodulation- immunoregulatory mechanisms

Infectious Diseases

Discovering new vaccines and prevention strategies against infectious diseases

  • Asim Debnath - Molecular Modeling and Drug Design-small molecule HIV inhibitors
  • Cheryl Lobo - Experimental Parasitology-host-parasite interactions: Malaria and Babesia
  • Sara Lustigman - Parasite Biology and Vaccinology-River Blindness and Elephantitis


  • Hong van Tieu - Clinical Epidemiology-HIV vaccine and therapeutic trials
  • Debra Kessler - Transfusion Epidemiology-Blood safety surveillance
  • Vijay Nandi - Statistical and Data Analysis
  • Jorge Soler- Behavioral Science