Hui Zhong, PhD


Head, Laboratory of Immune Regulation
Assistant Member, Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute

Contact Information

Phone: (212) 570-3490

Current Projects

My research focuses on the role and effector responses of monocytes in healthy individuals and in patients with inflammatory diseases. Circulating monocytes are a heterogeneous and functionally diverse cell population that can be divided into three subsets: classical (CMo), intermediate (IMo), and non-classical monocytes/ patrolling monocytes (PMo). The frequency/number, gene expression profile and activity of IMo and PMo significantly change in a variety of inflammatory diseases including cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases with the changes associated with disease risk and severity as well as response to treatment. Our ongoing studies examine mechanisms controlling monocyte subset homeostasis and how these mechanisms are altered    in inflammatory and disease states. We believe that these studies will not only lead to uncovering new mechanisms for monocyte differentiation and the regulation of inflammation process but also will pave the way for “monocyte diagnostics” and “monocyte therapeutics” in inflammatory diseases.

Lab Personnel

  • Kai Dou, PhD, Research Fellow

Funding Support

  • NIH P01 HL149626 Zhong Co-I (Project 1 PI Yazdanbakhsh) 07/20/2020 – 06/30/2025 “Alloimmunization and the Humoral Response to Hemolysis”

Education and Training

Ph.D. Pathogen Biology, Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University, Beijing 2009.


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