Vijay Nandi, MPH


Head, Laboratory of Data Analytic Services

Research Area

Vijay Nandi is Head of the Data Analytic Services (DAS) Laboratory at the New York Blood Center. DAS provides statistical consulting and analytical services using statistical and scientific software appropriate for the aims and goals of the research project. She has experience with a wide range of studies and scientific data including: experimental, quasi-experimental, behavioral intervention, pre-post, cross- sectional and time-series. And implements various types of statistics and techniques: descriptive, bivariate, multivariate, linear, logistic, multinomial, factor analysis, generalized estimating equations, spatial mapping and mixed models. Her work includes: collaborating on development of study designs, sample size/power calculations, writing statistical analysis plans, data management, conducting planned and ad-hoc study analyses, generating summary tables/figures/reports and writing statistical sections for manuscripts.

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (212) 570-3154