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NYBC is pleased to announce that Connie Westhoff, SBB, PhD, NYBC Executive Scientific Director of Immunohematology and Genomics, was recently honored with two awards at the AABB Annual Meeting in San Diego.

She received the prestigious Dale A. Smith Memorial Award recognizing innovative work performed in the application of technology to the practice of transfusion medicine or cellular therapies.


For her innovative research and vision to bring personalized medicine to transfusion therapy through the use of blood group genomics. Dr. Westhoff is one of the pioneers in developing molecular technologies to predict blood group antigen expression. She is an expert on RH genetic diversity and has provided tremendous insight on how this impacts alloimmunization and transfusion safety, particularly for patients with sickle cell disease.

Dr. Westhoff also received the 2017 President's Award recognizing recipients whose work exemplifies extraordinary public service and contributions in health care and furthers AABB’s goals and missions.