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Congratulations to Dr. Hong Van Tieu, Co-Head of the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute (LFKRI) Laboratory of Infectious Disease Prevention on receiving a one-year R56 Bridge Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) entitled, "Influence of Neighborhoods and Networks on the HIV Care Continuum among HIV-infected MSM in NYC.” Collaborators on the funded project are City College (Dr. Victoria Frye), Johns Hopkins (Drs. Frank Curriero and Carl Latkin), Columbia University (Dr. Andrew Rundle), and LFKRI’s Dr. Beryl Koblin as co-investigator.

The award totals $820,000, of which NYBC receives $700,000. The proposed study involves a qualitative study with in-depth interviews among 50 HIV-infected Black and White MSM in NYC to ascertain unique, salient neighborhood and network factors that influence HIV care outcomes, as well as a pilot study among 75 HIV-infected Black and White MSM to identify neighborhood-and network-level characteristics associated with HIV care continuum outcomes (retention in care, anti-retroviral therapy adherence, and viral suppression) using innovative spatial analysis and multilevel modeling. Knowledge gained for this study is likely to have direct impact on the design of programs to improve HIV care among MSM, particularly for Black MSM.