Products for Research

NYBC provides a number of blood products for research use only, including leukopaks (buffy coats and White Blood Cell TRIMA Filters), whole blood, and monoclonal antibodies to RBC antigens.

Ready to Ship Products

  • Whole Blood – 500 ml whole blood product.
  • Red Blood Cells – 250-350 ml packed red blood cells in additive solution.
  • Plasma Products – Frozen plasma product made from whole blood.
  • Platelet Products – Platelet concentrates made from whole blood or platelet product collected by apheresis.
  • Granulocytes – Granulocyte product collected by apheresis.
  • Blood samples – Collected from normal individuals.

Specialty Blood Products

  • Buffycoats / LeukoPaks – Buffy coats made from whole blood.
  • Antibody Positive Donor Plasma
  • Monoclonal Antibodies to RBC Antigens
  • Cord Blood - NYBC's National Cord Blood Prograom (NCBP) has a large inventory of frozen CBUs suitable for research. These CBUs have been volume-reduced to remove most of the red blood cells (RBCs) and plasma and concentrated to 25 mL final volume, including the cryoprotectant. They are frozen with controlled-rate method and are stored in Liquid Nitrogen in BioArchive freezers. The frozen CBUs have had at least some testing performed, e.g., Infectious Disease Markers, HLA, Bacteriology, Flow Cytometry, CBC, etc. Frozen CBUs with specific characteristics, e.g. total cell count or CD34+ count, or HLA typing, can be provided upon request.  
  • Platelet Lysate – Platelet lysate is made from a pool of expired apheresis platelet products and used to culture cells, providing an animal-free media. Our product has appropriate release testing, including bacterial culture, endotoxin, and mesenchymal stem cell doubling times. 

Request for Human Blood Products for Use in Research

  • Cord Blood Products: To procure cord blood products for research use, please establish an account HERE.
  • Other Products: fully complete the request form and provide the following:
  1. REQUIRED: Attach a brief explanation of how the blood will be used.
  2. IRB Approval - submit copy of your IRBs approval if any. If no IRB approval was obtained, the NYBC reserves the right to request such review and approval prior to supply of blood components.

Please submit non-cord blood requests to:
Vanessa Prat
New York Blood Center
45-01 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City New York 11101
Phone: 718-707-3771
Fax: 718-752-4770