Comprehensive Cell Solutions™

CCS is a fast growing biotechnology division within New York Blood Center Enterprises, that provides an unaffiliated, neutral platform for a wide range of clinical trial needs in the areas of regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapies and related endeavors.


CCS offers products to develop, improve, and implement scientific studies in the areas of regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy,


CCS offers an extensive list of cell and gene therapy services such as apheresis collection services, cGMP, and more!

Clinical Development

Cellular and Gene therapy is a highly regulated area, CCS can be your single source for all of your pre-clinical research program and clinical trials needs from start to finish.

Cell & Gene Therapy Core Facilities

Core Facilities are shared resources that integrate CCS's scientific research expertise, facilities, resources, capabilities, and services to provide support to academic institutions and industry.

Blog: The Spotlight

How the Increased Need for Allogeneic Donors Could Impact Cell Therapy Research

Historically, cell therapy products have relied on autologous cell donations...

Recent Advancements in CAR-T Cell Therapy

Recent investment in CAR-T cell therapy has increased the number of studies underway, providing new avenues of development.

The History of Cell Therapy & Cellular Apheresis

Cell therapy continues to evolve, yet CCS remains a major player in the cell therapy and cellular apheresis space.

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