HLA Laboratory

NYBC's Laboratory of Immunogenetics, under the direction of Carmelita Carrier, PhD (ccarrier@nybc.org), provides HLA testing for:

  • Potential bone marrow and cord blood recipients
  • Potential cord blood and bone marrow donors (families and unrelated)
  • Platelet recipients and donors
  • Verification of HLA typing for patients, donors and cord blood unit contiguous segment
  • Disease risk, drug hypersensitivity reaction risk, vaccine eligibility assessment, clinical trials, etc.

The laboratory employs DNA-based methodologies for the detection of Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA).  These include determination of allele assignments by Sequence Based Typing (SBT), reverse Sequence Specific Oligonucleotide (rSSO) and Sequence Specific Primers (SSP).

The laboratory offers consultation directly with the physicians and blood bank staff for review of test results, sample and test requirements, and shipping arrangements.

Molecular HLA Tests Provided:

  • HLA Class I (A,B,C) low / intermediate resolution
  • HLA Class I (A,B,C) high resolution sequencing
  • HLA Class II (DRB1, DQB1, DPB1) low / intermediate resolution
  • HLA Class II (DRB1, DQB1, DPB1) high resolution sequencing

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