NYBCe Products and Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of services and products to support and manage the full spectrum of transfusion medicine, regenerative medicine and cellular-therapy related research projects, from basic science to full scale clinical trials.

What We Offer

Blood Products

Our innovative blood operations and manufacturing practices establish NYBCe as a leading Center of Excellence in blood product and service delivery.

Laboratory Services

Our laboratories help medical professionals around the world solve problems related to patient antibodies, blood typing, antigens and more.

Medical Services

NYBCe provides 24/7 medical services through our skilled professionals.

Clinical Services

Our staff is prepared to perform apheresis services, cell salvage, lipoprotein apheresis, and autologous PRP/bone marrow concentrate procedures.

Comprehensive Cell Solutions™

Comprehensive Cell Solutions builds on our excellence in science, research and development, medical services, laboratory services and blood.

National Center for Blood Group Genomics

NCBGG provides the highest quality testing services for extended blood typing at lower cost for donor centers and the patients they serve.

About New York Blood Center Enterprises

As one of the leading comprehensive blood systems in the world, New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) is dedicated to its communities and community service.