Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Ambassador

  • Purpose: Meet and greet volunteer blood donors and monitor donor safety. Record accurate information to register donors using a simple computer program (training provided). Educate donors on automated apheresis process of donating red cells or platelets.  Convert donors to apheresis donation at blood drives or donor centers.
  • Activities: Greet donors. Maintain a professional, cheerful attitude while registering donors. Observe donors for adverse reaction following the donation process while serving refreshments necessary for the replacement of vital body fluids. Alert staff immediately if reaction occurs. Maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for donors as they prepare to be released. Approach donors at blood drives and donor centers to explain donation process, the benefits and differences of the various donation processes and type specific needs.  Convert donor on the spot or make future appointments for donors.
  • Qualifications: A desire to help, excellent communication skills, ability to record accurate information and provide confident, pleasant direction to donors. Dependable, friendly, attentive, enjoy people Attention to detail and accuracy. Mobility in order to attend to donors. Must volunteer at 2 blood drives a month.

Volunteer Bone Marrow Recruiter

  • Purpose: Screen applications of those wanting to join the Be The Match Registry® at bone marrow recruitment events throughout the region (training provided).
  • Activities: Volunteer marrow screeners support blood and marrow drives where a significant number of donors are expected to join the registry. These volunteers screen applications and collect swabs from donors. They also play an important role in educating our community about the need for an ethnically diverse donor registry.
  • Qualifications: A desire to help, excellent communication skills, detail-oriented, comfortable talking with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, maintain a knowledgeable, pleasant and outgoing attitude when educating community about New York Blood Center and joining the Be The Match Registry®.

Administrative Support Volunteer

  • Purpose: Assist with clerical work in various NYBC departments.
  • Activities: Administrative volunteers perform a variety of tasks which may include any one of the following: filing, stuffing packets with educational materials, data entry, assisting with mailings. You may volunteer at our various offices in New York and New Jersey.  
  • Qualifications: Detail-oriented and able to function well in a team environment. Computer skills helpful.

Volunteer Community Educator

  • Purpose: Educate potential donors and community groups about the importance of donating blood.
  • Activities:  Volunteer educators conduct presentations at schools and community groups. They can also conduct educational presentations on our mobile education vehicle.
  • Qualifications: A desire to help educate current and future blood donors. Excellent communication skills, comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, attention to detail, dependable and friendly.