Your Health is Important

All materials, including the needle used for your donation, are new, sterile, disposable, and used only once by you for your blood donation. There is no risk of any disease transmission to a donor.

Community Health & Safety

New York Blood Center (NYBC) plays a vital role in promoting community health. When a donor’s blood is taken, a number of tests are performed on the blood which can help detect and treat various issues.

  • If the donor’s blood pressure is higher than medically recommended, we provide information along with specific guidance for medical follow-up.
  • Donors with a low hematocrit level are informed about the significance of this finding and are provided appropriate follow-up information.

Patients with a medical disorder called hereditary hemochromatosis require frequent phlebotomies (blood donations) to lower the excessive iron levels characteristic of this disease. NYBC provides these therapeutic blood donations at no charge and provides a hereditary hemochromatosis program in which those with this disorder can enroll.