Researcher's hands holding a vial of blood near a microscope

By now, the dust has settled on the 2020 AABB Annual Meeting, and participants and attendees  have turned their focus on closing out the year strong. However, it’s still worth reflecting on this significant event.

Not only was this the first virtual AABB Annual Meeting, but New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) also had a particularly memorable presence at the event. Their 55 participating subject matter experts represented:

  • 1 National Blood Foundation awardee
  • 8 first author poster abstracts
  • 20 cumulative poster abstracts
  • 13 oral abstracts
  • 45 total authors
  • 11 speakers in 7 education sessions and 5 on-demand sessions
  • 9 program chairs

Whether you didn’t have a chance to attend any of these sessions or just want to stay up-to-date on the organization, there are plenty of ways you can connect with NYBCe.

6 Ways to Engage with NYBCe After AABB 2020

1. Access the AABB 2020 Resources

With AABB 2020 going virtual this year, NYBCe’s subject matter experts sought to make their work even more accessible. In the weeks leading up to the event, the organization published a variety of resources including an archive of AABB 2019 posters and presentations, supplemental research papers, and even the AABB 2020 first author posters.

These materials may still available on their site. Access them now to see how NYBCe’s divisions pave the way for new blood-related products, techniques and therapies — not just at the AABB Annual Meeting but year-round.

2. Read the NYBCe Blog

Prior to AABB 2020, NYBCe also published several blogs highlighting their hardworking subject matter experts and highly anticipated sessions. They even published tips for navigating the first AABB Virtual Meeting.

In addition to AABB-related content, the NYBCe blog provides a wealth of information on topics related to blood and biotherapies, including research, industry news, and press releases. The blog also features stories about how NYBCe’s blood collection services benefit donors and recipients alike. Reading these articles is a great way to connect.

3. Follow NYBCe on Social Media

NYBCe is active on social media. For example, they have a Facebook pageLinkedIn accountInstagram pageTwitter account, and YouTube channel. Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to interact with NYBCe’s subject matter experts at AABB 2020, following these channels will make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest news and research.

4. Donate Blood or COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma

Several sessions at AABB 2020 focused on NYBCe’s rapid mobilization of a COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) collection program following the sharp increase in positive coronavirus cases in early March 2020. As of October 5, 2020, NYBCe has collected an estimated 60,000 units of CCP and distributed almost 50,000 units.

As the pandemic continues, NYBCe needs more donors to increase their supply of CCP. If you’re looking for ways to support NYBCe after AABB 2020 and have yourself recovered from COVID-19, then join the fight to save lives and donate plasma.

The pandemic has also fundamentally changed the process for donating blood, putting 75% of the incoming blood supply at risk. If you haven’t had COVID-19 but are still looking for a way to engage with NYBCe and support your community, consider donating blood instead.

5. Make a Financial Contribution

In addition to quickly mobilizing a CCP collection program, NYBCe also established the COVID-19 Research Repository this year to spearhead efforts related to COVID-19 disease research and vaccine research and development. However, because NYBCe is a not-for-profit organization, they require monetary support in order to maintain these initiatives as well as continue providing vital healthcare services to communities during the pandemic.

If you want to support NYBCe’s COVID-19 research, including not only what was presented at AABB 2020 but also any future studies, consider making a financial contribution.

6. Sign Up for AABB 2021 Alerts

After such a productive AABB Annual Meeting, NYBCe is already looking forward to next year’s conference. If you want to receive details about AABB 2021 as soon as they’re released, then sign up for alerts now.

NYBCe would like to thank all of the attendees, vendors, and subject matter experts who made AABB 2020 a conference to remember. Stay safe and healthy!