Dr. Aiden Doyle was diagnosed with Leukemia and needs to find a match for a life-saving stem cell transplant

Poster featuring Dr. Aiden with a QR code inviting people to meet him because he needs a lifesaving Stem Cell Donation.

NEW YORK – New York Blood Center’s Be The Match is calling on the Irish community for help. Dr. Aiden Doyle was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the beginning of the pandemic and needs a stem cell donation. At the moment, he has no matches on the National or World Bone Marrow Registries. Patients are most likely to match with donors who share the same ethnic background. Dr. Doyle was born in Ireland and is of Northern European descent and 100% Irish ancestry.

Dr. Doyle immigrated to the United States to pursue medicine, specifically neurology and neurosurgery. He went on to take a prestigious residency with Joseph Ransohoff, a pioneer in the field and the Chairman of Neurosurgery at New York University medical centers and Bellevue Hospital. The father of two raised his family in New Jersey, where he worked at UMDNJ, the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and St Peters Medical Center. Dr. Doyle is the proud grandfather of three, with a fourth grandchild due in January.

Dr. Doyle has led a life in service of others. While growing up in Dublin, he volunteered in the city’s soup kitchens. As a medical student, he delivered babies for poor women in labor. He  established a free clinic for children suffering from spina bifida, a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly. Dr. Doyle has taught many medical students, who credit his mentorship as inspiration for the continuation of their medical careers. Known for his compassion, Dr. Doyle has a reputation for administering the highest level of care and treating his patients like family.

Dr. Doyle is a past President of the Middlesex Co Medical Society, a peer reviewer of his colleagues throughout the districts of Central and Southern New Jersey, a board member of both Trinity Counseling and the Friends of the Institute for Advanced Study, and a member of several senior committees for local medical centers.

If you fit the criteria and would be interested in making a lifesaving donation, please sign up or reach out to [email protected].

Blood from volunteer donors is needed every two seconds to help meet the daily transfusion needs of cancer and surgery patients, accident and burn victims, newborns and mothers delivering babies, AIDS and sickle cell anemia patients, and many more. To make an appointment and help save a life, visit nybc.org.