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New York Blood Center staff member loading van with blood products for delivery to hospitals and patients in need.

New York Blood Center (NYBC) was founded in 1964 to fulfill a four-part mission: provide high-quality blood products and stem cell services, conduct innovative research, develop new products and technologies that make a humanitarian impact, and train the next generation of industry leaders.

Today, this mission remains the same — except NYBC also leverages the power of New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe). Comprising nine total divisions, NYBCe amplifies the blood center’s life-saving work in order to serve communities on not only a local but also a national and international scale.

As a non-profit, though, the organization requires financial contributions to fulfill certain parts of its mission. Here’s a closer look at each division of NYBCe, their work, and their philanthropic needs.

Meet the Nine Divisions of NYBCe 

New York Blood Center (NYBC)

The flagship organization, located in New York City, is perhaps the most well-known of NYCBe’s divisions. They’re a non-profit organization running one of the world’s largest independent, community-based blood centers. They serve patients and hospitals across the five boroughs in New York City and the Tri-State area. NYBC provides blood products for research and transfusions, as well as formed the nation’s first COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) collection program.

Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD)

The Blood Bank of Delmarva, located in Delaware, was founded in 1954. They provide blood and blood products to hospitals and organizations that need it. As of today, they serve 1.6 million people in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

Community Blood Center (CBC)

Located in the Greater Kansas City area, Community Blood Center serves 70 hospitals in Kansas and Missouri and collects over 120,000 pints of blood each year. They rely on volunteers, donors, and community support to continuously provide necessary blood collection services and blood products. Aside from blood products themselves, they also conduct research, host educational programs, and have reference laboratories.

Comprehensive Cell Solutions (CCS)

Comprehensive Cell Solutions is the biotechnology division of NYBCe. Located in New York City, CCS conducts over 7,000 apheresis procedures every year and has provided 18,000 cell therapy products to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations nationwide. CCS also offers an extensive menu of products and services to develop, improve, and implement scientific studies in the areas of regenerative medicine, cell therapies, transfusion medicine, and related scientific and medical endeavors.

Innovative Blood Resources (IBR)

The Innovative Blood Resources division consists of Memorial Blood Center and Nebraska Community Blood Bank, located in Minnesota and Nebraska, respectively. This non-profit blood center offers a combined 100 years of history and experience to give patients, hospitals, physicians and researchers the value-driven solutions they need.

Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute (LFKRI)

The Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute is NYBCe’s research division. Consisting of 20 investigators, LFKRI conducts ground-breaking research in numerous blood-related fields, including transfusion medicine, cell therapy, hematology, infectious diseases, & epidemiology. Most recently, LFKRI has conducted critical research on COVID-19 through the COVID-19 Research Repository.

National Cord Blood Program (NCBP)

The National Cord Blood Program has been doing critical research since 1992 to find alternative solutions for patients who are unable to be matched with a bone marrow donor. They collect, process, and prepare cord blood units so they are readily accessible to patients in need. They are committed to maintaining high industry standards. Through NYBCe, NCBP has provided over 5,000 cord blood units to transfusion centers around the world.

National Center for Blood Group Genomics (NCBGG)

The National Center for Blood Group Genomics is the genomics division of the NYBCe. Located in Kansas City, they combine knowledge and insight from New York Blood Center and Community Blood Center of Kansas City to provide the highest quality testing services for extended blood typing at a lower cost for donor centers and the patients they serve. They also work to train the next generation of leaders in transfusions medicine.

Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC)

Finally, the Rhode Island Blood Center, located in Providence, has been the primary supplier of blood products and blood in the area for 40 years. They also provide therapeutic treatments in local hospitals, and their state-of-the-art lab offers excellent testing resources.

Support NYBCe

Across the country, NYBCe is providing critical blood products, improving patient outcomes, and advancing the fields of blood and biotherapies. Its divisions rely on blood and plasma donations from community members to meet their needs, as well as those of the hospitals they serve. As a non-profit organization, though, NYBCe also depends on financial contributions to continue to operate and conduct life-saving research.

You can make a financial contribution to NYBCe online now, or reach out to learn about their philanthropic needs — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to read more about the Enterprise and its enduring legacy, access the most recent Community Report at